GB Technique: Arm Drag Attacks

This week on GB Technique we are going to look at a variety of ways that we can use one of the fundamental hand fighting skills: the short arm drag.
Hand fighting is a way for us to gain a momentary advantage over our opponent and progress to the next position, get a takedown or catch a submission. Let’s take a look at some high percentage ways we can use the Arm Drag
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Arm Drag Prof. Joe Scarola
To Guillotine
One of the key things to pay attention to here is how Prof. Joe uses his frames to get off of being flat on his back and in a position to go on the offense
Arm Drag – Prof. Marcio Feitosa
From Lasso Guard
One of the very best guard strategies – especially for smaller bjj players – is to look for a drag to expose the opponent’s back
Standing arm drag to Double Leg
This is a CLASSIC combination in stand-up grappling. The arm drag allows us to get by the opponent’s defense and shoot deep into their hips for the double leg
Seated guard to arm drag to back
Prof. Tussa takes that same arm drag and applies it to the ground position. This is one of the most important techniques to master from seated guard
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Writer: Mark Mullen, Gracie Barra Black Belt