The GB Support Platform: A Solid Foundation Leading with Clarity

Have you ever tried to walk barefoot on a deep, sandy beach? Or wade through pools of water? The piles of sand at the beach can pull at your feet and throw you off balance. The puddles can be muddy and make it difficult to see where you’re stepping. These environments are like what you can experience without a solid support platform in an organization. At Gracie Barra we know this – and we have taken care to build a solid support platform, comprised of 5 components that all work together to support your journey and lead you with clarity.

According to an article in Forbes:

…an owner must dedicate care and attention to building an organized and systematic approach to running the actual business…Growth and development are exciting stages in the evolution of a small business. However, without solid planning and infrastructure business owners can jeopardize valuable growth opportunities.

We understand these reasons – that leaders of an organization must dedicate attention to systematic approaches. Our GB support platform exists to help you do exactly this. We offer real, tangible support to you as you build your school and carry out the mission of Gracie Barra.

The 5 Pieces of the Support Platform

What you’ll notice when you look at our support system is that it is not just built on manuals and rules. It incorporates everything from these important aspects to the human side of the organization and marketing for your school. We’re helping to give that balance which is so necessary for a strong support foundation. The 5 components of the platform include the following.


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