GB Learning : The Mount – Advanced Submissions

Many intermediate level students can get to the mount, but do not feel confident attacking an opponent who has a strong defense. The truth is there are many powerful attacks to overcome the opponent’s defenses.
5 Gracie Barra instructors teach us how to get to the mount position, control the mount and attack with dangerous submission attacks.

1) Mount control and attack
Prof. Otavio Sousa shows how to not get reversed by controlling the opponent’s head and avoiding the dreaded bump counter. Slowly breaking the defense down, Prof. Otavio takes the arm for the tap.

2) Baratoplata setup from mount
Prof. Raphael “Barata” Freitas developed this move that is now named after him. The lock affects the shoulder joint.

3) Transition to get to mount with submission / Transição da Imobilização Lateral p/ a Montada c/ Finalização
Bet that you haven’t seen this unexpected transition from knee on belly to mount ending in a sliding collar choke. Slick!

4) Double attack from 1 leg up mount / Ataque Duplo da Montada
Prof. Philipe Della Monica shows how to deal with an opponent who bear hugs your waist to hide their arms. Check out the “monoplata” – a variation of the better known omoplata.

5) Mount variation to arm bar / Montada Peão + 2 Finalizações
Want to apply BIG pressure from your mount? Check out this variation of the mount that creates so much top pressure that the bottom opponent will surrender the arm for 2 different arm lock variations.

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Credits: Mark Mullen
Gracie Barra Black belt based in Saigon, Vietnam
Instagram: @markmullen.bjj