GB Learning : Takedown Techniques

This week Gracie Barra Learning will feature important judo throws that jiu-jitsu students should know.

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Many 1st year students express frustration at not feeling comfortable in the standing portion of a match. Gracie Barra Blog has 5 videos by GB instructors to teach you some takedowns to improve your standup grappling.

1) Basic hip throw / Queda de Quadril
This basic technique might be the 1st throw that you learn in jiu-jitsu.

2) Hip Throw variation #2 / Single Leg Counter Attack
Here is a situation where you might use the basic hip throw when your opponent counters your single leg.

3) Ankle pick / Técnica de queda catando a perna
Grip fighting is an important part of standup grappling and the instructor here shows how to catch the ankle pick off of a cross sleeve grip.

3) Pulling guard & Attack
What of your opponent is too good at standup and you are unable to take them down? Pulling guard to a submission attack might be the answer.

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