GB Fundamentals: The Single Leg Takedown

This week on GB Technique we are going to look at one of the most important takedowns in wrestling and jiu-jitsu – the single leg takedown.
The single leg is one of those Fundamental techniques of jiu-jitsu that is used in every aspect of BJJ: in gi and No-gi sports competition, self-defense and MMA.
We especially see the single leg used in no-gi competition where many traditional judo takedowns are less effective. When your opponent is in a staggered stance with 1 leg forward, we have an opportunity to get in close and control the single leg.
The single leg is versatile with many variations and applications and we will see some here in this post.
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Let’s take a look at some specific techniques for the single leg takedown by some of Gracie Barra’s top black belt instructors.
1) The basic single leg
Prof. AJ Agazarm shows a Single Leg with some important details. Notice how Prof. AJ keeps his head on the inside to avoid being caught in a Guillotine or Loop choke by Prof, Kayron.

2) Single leg off of fake guard pull
Concealing your true intentions is the strategy behind this single leg entry by Prof. Marcio Feitosa. By showing your opponent that you intend to pull guard, you create an opening to enter in and get control of the opponent’s leg for the single.

3) Single leg variation
This variation from GB Colorado Springs shows an entry to the single leg. Pay particular attention to the way the leg is scooped up putting the opponent off balance.

4) Self Defense application
Prof. Carlos Liberi shows us how he uses the single leg in a self-defense application. Avoiding the punch, Prof, Carlos steps in and hits the takedown to get the opponent to the ground quickly.

5) The single leg in the Kids class
Teach Jiu-Jitsu to your little kids

This video from Prof. Bryan Waltz shows how little people can be introduced to jiu-jitsu – even at home.
“There is no substitute for a structured and professional learning environment but practicing at home with your little kids will be rewarding as a parent, will prep them for Bjj class and just could be the trick they need to escape a bully. “
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Credits: Mark Mullen
Gracie Barra Black belt based in Asia