GB Techniques: Chokes

This week Gracie Barra Techniques brings you some videos on Gi chokes from every position.

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One of the true parts of jiu-jitsu that truly shows the art is the incredible number of ways that the gi can be used to strangle the opponent. An opponent who is really strong can be very difficult to arm lock or Kimura lock, but as Grandmaster Helio Gracie said even the strongest opponent can be put to sleep with a choke!

1) Baseball Bat Choke Bottom Half Guard

Prof. Magid Hage is a top competitor and has strangled several black belts in competition with his famous variation of the “Baseball Bat Choke”

2) Turtle – Learn a choke that won the Judo World Championship / Aprenda como aplicar o estrangulamento que venceu o Mundial de Judô
This sneaky choke is similar to the no-gi “Peruvian Neck Tie” but uses your own lapel to strangle the turtled opponent.

3) Side Control – Paper cutter choke
Prof. Felipe Guedes and Prof. Diogo Ferreira demonstrating a variation for a famous BJJ choke.

4) Half Guard Choke / Estrangulamento Partindo da Meia Guarda
If your opponent is holding you tight in their half guard, you can attack with this cross collar choke from top of 1/2 guard.

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