Five Tips to Staying Motivated in Jiu-Jitsu

The road to a black belt is long. It takes several years, and most people who start jiu-jitsu will honestly never make it to black belt. That’s not pessimistic, but a statistical reality. People start jiu-jitsu for couple reasons and leave for other ones. Everyone will experience hiccups along the way that will slow or completely halt a their jiu-jitsu career. This could be due to injury, change of heart, or a shift in life priorities.
Ask any higher belt and I bet they’ve seen a fair share of people who have come and gone with jiu-jitsu. As you move higher up the ranks, you will see many filter out. I feel that motivation is a major factor. People simply loose that motivation to train for numerous reasons. Here are some ways to stay motivated, and get what you want out of jiu-jitsu.

1. Set Goals…Realistic Ones
Some people start Brazilian jiu-jitsu with grandiose ideas. They believe it is easy, and they can get a black belt in three years. It’s important to set goals for yourself but set realistic ones. For example, if you’re a white belt who is just starting, don’t worry so much about getting a black belt.

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