We Can All Help In the Fight Against Bullying!

Bullying seems to play a part in almost everyone’s life at some point. Even middle-aged adults can easily recall an incident when they were bullied as a child.  With so many sharing in this unpleasant experience, teaching tools to stop bullying behavior is imperative.  As a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Rafael Jovet-Ramos recognizes that skills developed in the discipline can also be helpful in dealing with bully behavior.  Even having just a few strategies can help arm a child when encountering bullies:
Show Strength By Being Assertive
Bullies are aggressive, and one way to counter that behavior is by being assertive.  Kids can show assertiveness by looking at the aggressor right in the eye and speaking with a strong, confident voice.  These actions demonstrate strength, showing the bully that they do not hold all the power.  Using assertive phrases when challenged by a bully is also a show of strength; having just a few, such as “you aren’t going to have many friends if you act like that” or simply, ‘that’s mean,” can make a big difference.
Encourage Kids to Share With Trusted Adults
Bullies thrive on making others feel powerless. One of the ways to challenge that behavior is for a child to seek help from an adult.  Bullies who realize that their victim has the strength to reach out and ask for help lose their power to bully. Kids who enlist the help of adults bring attention to often unknown situations.
Professor Rafael Jovet-Ramos is the Head Instructor for Gracie Barra Spring Lake in Spring Lake, North Carolina.