Signs That You Have Been Doing Too Much Jiu-Jitsu


Humans have a tendency to get addicted. It’s hard-wired in our genes. And at times, we can take things a bit too far. As for me, aside from my BJJ addiction, I collect playing cards. I have no idea why I do it, but I just do. Lame… huh?

I have friends who are BJJ addicts. Junkies even – they have taken their love for the sport the next level. Nothing wrong with that. But it sure is fun mentioning some of their traits.

For most BJJ artists out there, here is a tribute for your hard work and sheer love for the sport. You know that you have been doing too much BJJ if:

1392026_610645562314754_537120882_n1. You size up people that you meet in the streets, thinking “can I take this guy down with a single or a double?”

2. Your YouTube views are 90% about BJJ, 7% training music videos, and 3% music.

3. All your vacation plans are arranged around big Jiu-Jitsu events such as tournaments or that awesome Worlds Training Camp with Gracie Barra.

4. You name your car Gracie, Kimura, or the Choker.

5. You have 7 sets of gis. Although you only train 5 days a week.

6. When a friend sets you up with a blind date, you ask, “does he/she do BJJ, or at least boxing?”

7. Your wallpaper is all about BJJ.

8. You rent a storage unit for your furniture to make room for mats.

9. You don’t party anymore.

10. When your daughter walks up the stage for her graduation (or any family member for that matter), you scream, “OSS!!!”

11. Your ears are almost cauliflowered.

12. You prefer guys who have cauliflower ear.

13. Your worst nightmare is all about tapping out from a misplaced kimura.

14. You wish the gym was open on federal holidays.

15. You are taking Portuguese lessons.

16. Your kids’ friends take ballet lessons. Yours take BJJ lessons.

17. Your bumper sticker says, “Caution! Grappler on board.”

18. BJJ first before homework.

19. You cried when your gym moved to a new location.

20. You just keep on talking about it.