Tips to Succeed in Your First 30 Days of Jiu Jitsu

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Critical 30: Your First 30 Days in BJJ 

I want you to sit back and imagine what it was like to put on your gi and step on the mats for the first time. Now, while you’re at it, go back to the time when you were starting out as a BJJ artist and think about your first 30 days. In fact, let’s do this for all other martial arts as well.

Actually, your first 30 days as a budding Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu specialist are the most crucial. I’ll explain why.

Let’s assume that you have developed undesirable habits of not sleeping on time (or worse, lacking sleep at all), gulping down gallons of soda in a day, or even smoking. During your first 30 days of practicing BJJ, your body initiates itself into a lot of changes. And we mean major changes.

Here are some tips on succeeding in your first 30 days of training. This has worked for the best martial artists / Jiu-Jitsu junkies in the past. It can work for you too.

Your MusclesBJJ Journey

Let’s get scientific. Ripped muscles (Yes. The ones that may look like they were sculpted from the hands of God himself) are technically once damaged. It all happens because of constant training, pressure, and tension. Your muscles become bigger and firmer all because your body did a great job in repairing it. But by doing so, your body require new sustenance. Hence, it needed a break from the old routine /habit.


Yes. Water up and gulp it all down. Your body will be needing much of it. As you move and drill through out the session, your body works. It heats up like an engine. To cool it down, drink lots of water. Avoid soda, flavored drinks for now. Here’s why you should avoid soda.

Get Some Rest

Sleep! Yes. It’s one of those things that normal people do. Keeps the brain healthy. It also maintains your emotional health. On the physical aspect, while in sleep, it helps the repair of tissues and blood vessels. Sleep also boosts performance during waking hours. If you want to survive your first 30 days in Jiu-Jitsu, get enough sleep.

Eat Right

It’s time to throw away those things in the fridge that are just unhealthy. Take the time to check on the content label of the stuff you buy at the grocer. Exerting much work in the mats can leave you all sore. The best way to combat that is through proper nutrition. Try lean meats. Avoid the fat. Take on high protein diets with low carbs. It should work. You may also check out the Gracie diet which was formulated by Master Carlos Gracie.

Survive by Executing With Perfection

Yes. The basic moves are called basic for a reason. It’s the base. It’s the fundamentals that you will need to learn. Do not take it for granted. Try to execute each move properly and perfectly. You’ll need those. The best way to advance quickly is to move slowly. Think about it.

Have Fun

Jiu Jitsu FunYes, the best way to burn yourself out during training is by not having fun. Have fun during drills and lectures. Have fun by making friends and connect with those who are also enjoying each training session.

Once you’re done with the 30 days, congratulations. There are more months ahead of you. Your first 30 can be tough, or it could be a walk in the park. It’s all up to you.

See you on the mats!



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