BJJ Training Tools?

“Really? Training tools?” As I can hear the silent screams of those who are reading this. And yes. There are training tools, items and what-have-yous that will bring a big advantage to your game. These are for the advanced students who seem to have nothing on their minds but BJJ. If you are that person, you may want to save up for these items. They can be very pricey, but at least you’ll get to OWN one – and OWN somebody with the added benefits of these training must-haves.


Training Masks? 

1498010_664544920262818_790504610_oYes. The ever-scary training mask. These little puppies can go for around $50 to $100. You get to wear these during your cardio sessions. The advantage? It simulates high altitude training for added space for gas in your tank. UFC fighters use these for intense training. As I have tried using one of these, I can tell you it also adds a bit more psychological training into your session. Imagine being smothered while wearing one of these. Mental toughness training, hello!

Tip: some models come with a dial down number. Make sure to monitor your breathing. Don’t go Spartan on these yet if you feel your cardio can’t handle it.

Get a Dumbbell

These things are priceless. Unlike machines in gyms, these items are very versatile when it comes to BJJ training. Increasing upper body strength is critical. Work your way to BJJ training by adding these as your secret weapon. Will bigger muscles make you move slower? Not really. Some may be worried that adding mass will make movement a bit slower, well, someone has to sacrifice one for the other. But worry not, dumbbells actually have been proven to add more strength and flexibility in training. Try it out!

Suspension Trainers?

401345_10150686612668868_693484798_nSince the dawn of time, man has tried to fathom how to look good without doing so much on his end. In comes suspension training and the use of one’s natural weight as resistance. Yes. The ever popular TRX. (Note, there are knock-offs around that can seriously put a damper on your physical well-being. Get the genuine ones!)

Suspension training is good because it uses the your body’s natural weight. Typically, the average BJJ guy’s strength is directly proportionate to the amount of weight + fat + and muscle mass. Now, taking into consideration these factors, suspension training tools can really help. Suspension training tools are lightweight, durable and can last for a long time. Good investment, if you ask anyone!

A Heavy Sparring Partner

Yes. It’s the ideal partner. A person heavier than you are can be a good tool in improving your game. It is counter intituitive for most fighters, but in reality, taking on Goliath and winning can be good boost for your skill and experience. There is nothing more daunting than taking down a bigger guy (well, we all do know how to do this, right?) A human being is not a tool, but you get the point. The best training tool is a live person. Nothing can replace the instinct and the feel of a human flesh going against flesh!