An Amazing School Must be a Safe School

As part of your commitment to providing amazing Jiu-Jitsu instruction, you also have a responsibility to create culture of safety. This includes everything from reducing a whole range of risks to understanding how to spot potential health concerns. This is our focus today – providing you with the guidelines that you need to create a culture of safety by understanding disease prevention.

A Culture of Safety

There is no exception to this rule: An amazing school must be a safe school. Creating a culture of safety means that your students and your staff respect each other to a high degree, translating to the respect we need to have for each other’s health and safety as well. What does this really mean?


Lead By Example: The people who enter your school – from your fellow staff to your students – look to you for guidance, and not just about Jiu-Jitsu training. You must lead by example on all fronts, including demonstrating how you create a safe environment.

Talk About Health Habits: Don’t wait until you see a student with ringworm to bring up the topic of personal hygiene and safety. Talk openly with students about monitoring their own skin and other symptoms, and the importance of seeing a doctor for any suspicious conditions. They should know that they are not to attend class or return until the condition is completely clear.

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