Be a Leader – The Gracie Barra Way


The Gracie Barra leadership framework includes a wide range of components, from time management to communication skills to strategies for implementing curriculum and methods. If all of these are integral yet individual components, we need something to tie all of these together. That something is leading the Gracie Barra Way.

Leading the GB Way – The Glue That Holds Us Together

Frankly, it is not difficult for organizations or companies to come up with a set of rules and regulations. However, it is difficult to develop a set of strategies, regulations, and methods that are of high quality. Furthermore, it is extremely difficult to lay out these components in a cohesive way that engages and inspires those in the organization.

Our inspiration is the leadership of Master Carlos Gracie Jr. His style of leadership is the essence of the culture of Gracie Barra. From the inception of GB, Master Carlos Gracie Jr. has remained true to himself – all while exemplifying what it would take for our organization to grow and succeed. The ICP5 shares more insight into how he grew Gracie Barra from a dream to a worldwide network of more than 500 schools.

When we look at the inspirational life of Master Carlos Gracie Jr. we see more than just a man who has a passion for martial arts. We see that he still to this day, lives a life true to the mission of Gracie Barra. Everything from starting his day with a healthy breakfast to his exercise routines to his positive lifestyle, he provides the example of how we can lead others. When we apply his personality traits to our leadership model, the result is the glue that helps to hold the leadership framework together.

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