The Most Epic Gracie Barra Battles Ever Video's


Let’s admit it. We idolize our professors. They are the ones who have stood the test of time when it comes down to BJJ. They are the ones who have always pushed us beyond our comfort zones but are always thinking about the best thing for our welfare. Without them, there would be no gym, no gis, no BJJ friends, and no way to spend our afternoons aside from munching on that unhealthy tub of cheeseballs.

Within Gracie Barra, there are many who have fought great battles but only a few whose battles are truly epic. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Most Epic Gracie Barra Battles ever caught on video.

Marcio Feitosa vs. Uriah Faber

Our mild-mannered professor from the Gracie Barra headquarters takes on (yet to be) UFC superstar Uriah Faber in an epic no gi match. This happened at an ADCC meet up. The video is undated. But catching Uriah in that choke is just legen (wait for it) dary!


The Braulio Estima MMA Debut

Shifting from BJJ to MMA is a huge step. This Gracie Barra Professor from Birmingham UK debuted in 2012 in MMA. Making his first fight in the cage. There has been no follow up to about his career in MMA. But it doesn’t matter. This is one of the first fight videos that is a must-see. Thank god for YouTube.


Otavio Sousa Vs. Kron Gracie

I am a fan of both fighters. I was actually torn between who to side with during the first-ever Metamoris Pro in 2012. However, sadly Kron got our very own Octavio with an armbar. It is worth mentioning? Yes. It is worth watching? Definitely! Regardless of who won, both fighters still did well and showed the world how high level jiu-jitsu is done.


Vinicius Magalhaes vs. Yamazaki

While scouring the net for awesome BJJ videos, I was able to find this vintage video of Professor Draculino. Trivia: he was given the Brazilian moniker Draculino by his gradeschool teacher.


Flavio Almeida vs. Lloyd Irvin

One of the rarest videos to be ever found, was just uploaded to Youtube less than a year ago. This classic video features Gracie Barra’s strategic director Professor Flavio Almeida going against Lloyd Irvin. Yes. There is no sound. But who needs sound in this crazy back and forth match, right?

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