3 Tips To Improve Your Mount

Along with the rear mount, the mount is considered the most dominant position on the ground in jiu-jitsu. Yet, many students struggle with the mount, preferring to stay on top in side control.

Why is this?
The students feel that their opponents replace the guard or bridge and roll them more easily and they lose their hard fought position. Make no mistake, the mount is a powerful position and worth devoting the training time to make it a solid part of your jiu-jitsu game.

Here are 3 Tips to improve your mount

1) First priority : Maintain the position

All too often, students achieve the mount and are in too much of a hurry to grab an arm lock.
They have not yet stabilized the mount position (you need at least 3 seconds to be rewarded the 4 points in IBJJF competition) and try to attack. The opponent has room to escape and the top loses their mount.

When you achieve the mount, your first priority is to control the opponent and prevent their escape.
Once you have prevented your opponent’s escape attempts, then you can look at tip 2.


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