2015 – The milestone of a new ERA to Gracie Barra

Last month, Master Carlos Gracie Jr. received the red and white belt, 8th degree. Here is a journey of life exclusively dedicated to Jiu-Jitsu, to the confederations and of course, to our GRACIE BARRA.

And talking about the Gracie Barra, another amazing milestone made all of us starting this new phase fill with pride, carrying the shield on our chest, with restored armor, a gleam in our eyes and renewed strength to go on with Master Carlos Gracie Jr.’s vision of taking our schools to every city in the world. Get ready, because the news is huge:

In 2015 GRACIE BARRA reached the milestone of more than 500 schools spread across four continents.


500 schools is the concrete proof that we are pursuing a future of achievements and accomplishments. Building a path with no return by changing as many lives and communities as possible around the globe. Being GB is making the difference, it is joining forces and taking responsibility. It’s walking through unknown lands and breaking paths never traveled to take the Jiu-Jitsu for Everyone. It’s talking in every language with only one language: the language of the gentle art.

And what about the future? The best is still to come. With technologies advancing at an incredible pace, the quality of education getting better every day, and our instructors increasingly well prepared, the sky becomes our only limit.


As a GB family representative, it’s your role to be part of a movement that aims to a GB STANDARD quality of education in each one of our units. It is very important to keep this sync and philosophy within our schools, so we can all reap together the fruits of our teamwork. We must never forget the strength of our group.

“I learned with the history of mankind that men who worked in groups were more successful than those who worked alone. The group makes us stronger.” Carlos Gracie Jr.

And wherever Jiu-Jitsu still does not exist is exactly where we will go to, relentless and unbeatable, fighting, seeking and finding new opportunities to keep our legacy flame alive.

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