Sweeping from the Half Guard

Easy Half Guard Sweep by Professor Eduardo de Lima

Sweet, sweep, squeeze sweeps, and slips so you won’t lose sleep. Now try saying that 30 times!

Sweeps can spell the difference between losing to an advantage point. And those sweet two points always come in handy if you are far behind in a Jiu-Jitsu match. Let alone spending countless hours training; where time and effort is spent in perfecting the craft.

In this video, Professor Eduardo De Lima shows us how to sweep your opponent right from the half guard. He shows us a sneaky technique where loose fabric from the Gi can be used to trap your opponent’s leg, and a fulcrum point.

Step 1: Get your opponent into position

Step 2: With your opponent’s lose garment, grab it using your left hand

Step 3: Your opponent will want to squeeze you, take advantage of his move by securing collar hold.

Step 4: Pull your opponent close to you. Lift with your left leg, pull from the collar and use the lose garment as a pivot point.

Step 5: Sweep, control, and claim your points for sweeping your opponents


Here’s the complete video.

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