GB Learning: Jiu-Jitsu Side Mount Submission

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 11.07.52 AM

This video is absolutely breathtaking. No, we shouldn’t say that. It’s just brilliant. This is a side mount submission. If you are tired of attempting kimuras, transitioning to north-south, or if you are simply looking for ways to add to your Swiss knife-like tool of submissions, this is really good for you. So listen up.

Ever wonder why some opponents (or even we) stack legs in a figure four manner to avoid being mounted? Well, here is the catch: being mounted is not quite the theme park that we all want to be in. That is a scary moment. Even for seasoned veterans, it can spell trouble. It’s not like being sidemounted is not scary enough, right?

In this video, while we firmly believe that blocking our opponent’s attempt to mount may work, that wisdom has recently been made obsolete. And truth be told, this is a game changer… like the forward pass in football. (LOL).

Behold Professor Marcelo Souza. He is just about to counter the figure four block. Should we call this the Souza counter? No idea yet. We will leave it to you, bjj netizens, to figure out how this should be named.

Now the technique spells out two things: how to take a seemingly effective counter, and how to turn it against him. In this video, the submission targets the thighs and the pelvis. twisting it out in an unnatural direction.

White belts, please consult your instructor and professor in executing this  technique.
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