Prof. Phillipe Dela Monica Demonstrates Foot Lock from the Leg Drag


Great Strategy to Secure a Foot Lock Against a

Defending Opponent


Professor Felipe Dela Monica of Gracie Barra California demonstrates how to secure a foot lock from the leg drag guard. As the mantra for submitting opponents  goes, “position before submission.

In this video, Prof Phillipe demonstrates the rudiments and how position is very important. He explains how to take advantage of the defending foot to secure this hold.

Key Points to the Technique

1. Once the defending opponent throws in the exterior foot, pushing that leg back on top of the leg that you are going to attack.

2. Using your outside leg, bring it close to the hip and over the foot.

3 . No pressure to be applied on the knees of the opponent.

4. Secure the leg with the calf under your armpits.

5. Dropping down, then turning away from your opponent. This will secure the hold.



NOTE: Certain age and weight classes prohibits the use of foot locks. For more information, please do visit the competition league’s website