GB Learning: Attack from the Back

Back attack 4

Controlling an Oppenent From the Back

Next to the full mount position, getting your opponent’s back has got to be the sweetest of all positions. There are varying attacks that can come from the back. Popular choices include chokes, points, or the arm bar, and on some occasions, a transition to the leg lock.

In this first part of the video, Professor Philipe Dela Monica demonstrates the best way to control an opponent as soon as you get the back. From control to the choke, the technique is as full proof, only if practiced often and executed perfectly.

Step 1: focus on keeping your chest close to your opponent’s back. This ensures no space for your opponent to move.

Back Attack 1

Step 2: Placing your foot firmly on the ground to keep your opponent from shrimping out.

Back attack 2

Step 3: Hooks in. This can’t be stressed enough. Keep the hooks in for maximum control.

Back attack 3

Step 4: Choose your choke from the collar to the rear-naked.


Back attack 4

Here’s the full video

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