Learn the Double Under Guard Pass

2013-07-31 21_03_13-Prof. Rodrigo Freitas - Double Under Guard Pass - YouTube

Learn to Pass the Guard the Intelligent Way

Stay calm, and pass guard. Yes, let that be one of our mantras. There are hundreds of ways to pass the guard. Either using brute strength, or an ingenious technique (with preference towards technique), passing the guard should be one of tools that we should have in our arsenal.

Let’s understand what the guard is, foremost. Keep in mind that the guard is a neutral position. Keep in mind that there are submissions easily pulled off from the guard, whilst there are limited moves to be pulled off while in one.

In this video, Professor Rodrigo Freitas of Gracie Barra Manhattan Beach showcases an intelligent way to go for a double under guard pass.

1. Bring your opponent’s hips on top of your legs

Guard Pass 1

2. Grab the gi. This will set up the pass.

Guard Pass 2

3. Push towards your opponent. Using weight to pin him.

Guard pass 3

4. Spin towards his side while keeping your grip on the collar

Guard pass 3.1

5. After spinning, grab the leg to free your head.

Guard pass 3.2

6. Pass the Guard and get your points

Guard pass 4


Here’s the video breakdown

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