Pass the De La Riva Guard in 4 Steps

De La Riva Guard

 Countering the De La Riva Guard  

I love the guard. Who doesn’t? Some say that it’s an even position, but I personally think that guards offer a 60-40 advantage.

 The De la Riva guard (also called the De la Riva hook and jello guard) is an open guard that was popularized in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu by black belt Ricard De La Riva Goded, who was successful with it in competition. In it, one of the legs is wrapped behind the opponent’s leg from the outside, the ankle held with one hand, and the other hand grips one of their sleeves. The De la Riva guard offers many sweeps, transitions and submissions, and is often used in combination with spider guard. – from wiki

In this video, Professor Juan Pablo Garcia and Rodrigo Clark of Gracie Barra Santa Barbara shows us BJJ lovers how to counter this tricky technique. You will use this counter the moment your opponent tries to “counter” your attack through the DLR Guard. Obviously, you should be in the offensive, or on top.

Step 1 – Push the shin.

DLR Step 2 - Step over

DLR Step 2.1

Step 2: Using your elbows, push against his knee.

DLR Step 3 - Smash the Knees together

DLR Step 3.1

Step 3: Drop your knees and prepare to pass.

DLR Step 4 - Knees to the  Ground

DLR Step 4.1

Step 4:  Pass the guard. Go to side control as quick as you can.

DLR Step 5 - Pass then side

DLR Step 5.1


Here’s the full video break down. Enjoy!


We would like to thank the staff of Gracie Barra Santa Barbara for this video. Awesome work, Professors. Jiu-Jitsu for everyone!

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