GB Techniques: Side Control Submissions

This week Gracie Barra Techniques brings you techniques to attack from the side control position. In Brazilian Portuguese language, the side control position is called “Cem kilos / 100 kilos” as a way of describing how heavy your opponent feels when they secure side control on top of you!

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Often new students will say to me in class “After I pass the guard I arrive in side control but I don’t know what to do when I get there!”

This technique list is for you!

1) Modified Baseball Bat Choke / Finalização partindo da Imobilização Lateral

This variation of the Baseball bat choke from Knee on belly is used on a very defensive, tihght opponent in your side control.


Prof. Luiz Ricardo Flôres of Gracie Barra Tijucas shows this sneaky way to choke using a collar grip assisted by your foot.

3) Ninja Choke from Side Control / Estrangulamento com lapela partindo dos 100 quilos

Professor André Cyrino of GB Jundiaí teaches a tricky way to strangle your opponent using your own lapel. Also known as the Ninja choke because it is sneaky!

4) Arm Bar from Side Control / Ataque partindo dos 100 quilos

Can you attack the near side arm bar from side control? Yes you can! When you opponent looks to escape by turning into you, you step over to catch the arm bar.

5) Reverse scarf hold side control attack / Ataque partindo dos 100 quilos

Gracie Barra Head instructor Prof. Jefferson Moura shows a choke from a variation of side control known as reverse scarf hold.

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Credits: Mark Mullen

Gracie Barra Black belt based in Saigon, Vietnam

Twitter: @MarkMullenBJJ