GB Interview: The tale of two brothers – Braulio and Victor Estima

I have absolutely no idea why they need further introducing. Seriously. Who would read this website and not know the Estima brothers? There is much information about their wins, skills and write-ups. But I believe that we still need to let the world know how awesome the two brothers are.


But what better way to introduce them than through a good old fashioned interview?

Well, yes. That’s a great way. But to give you brief description, let’s just say that these two are one of the who’s who in the sport. Braulio having won his MMA debut, and Victor being the 2012 European open champ.

gracie barra european training camp The camp is fast approaching. How are your preparations?

Prof. Braulio: We are really looking forwards to working together on this camp. It will be the first time we are doing that and I can’t wait. We are planning some thing special using our experience as competitors and instructors. Who eve goes will have an unforgateble experience You guys are just one of the well-known BJJ fighters. Tell us what edge do you guys have.

Prof. Victor: Well, we believe to be always evolving on the sport. The way we study jiu jitsu allow us to continue to learn with a very open mind. We are very driven and passionate for the sport. we are constantly trying to bring something new to it. We understand the word hard work but we like to combine with smart work. Tell us what we can expect from the camp. We heard that it’s going to be one of the biggest in Europe.

Prof. Braulio: We will be going over high percentage moves and concepts that we believe it makes the difference to win turnament. It will be very much competition based. It will be a great opportunity to gather the team together not only in strength but specially psychologically. We will be stronger like that.

Prof. Victor: The Camp is a initiative of Gracie Barra to give a support to the team here in Europe. it will be something will happen every year. We will be bringing all our best instructors through the years to come. At this camp will be having the presence of myself, my brother Braulio, Flavio Almeida, Marcio Feitosa, Marco Joca, Ze Radiola, Max Carvalho and many other Black belts from GB. Let’s talk about the price

Prof. Victor:  It will cost 100 Euros for the whole camp and a fee of 30 Euros for each day. That’s the initial fee and an extra 30 EU (or 41 USDs) for each day Professor Braulio, how’s the finger?

Prof. Braulio: Fingers are good. Just recovering my arm still that I damaged before ADCC You guys train together, tell us what move you look out for that the other pulls off a lot.

Prof. Braulio: All kind of Triangles and some cool footlocks. I just look out for those whenever Victor tries those out on me.