GB Learning : Lapel Techniques

This week on Gracie Barra we will take a look at some techniques using the gi lapel – both your own lapel and the lapel of your opponent.

By creative use of the lapel it is possible to create powerful leverage to control, to sweep and also perform some sneaky strangled that will surprise your opponent.

1) Choke from rear mount

Your opponent won’t see this choke coming.

2) 2 Lapel strangles from side control.

Your opponent may be able to prevent you from gripping their lapel for an attack, but very difficult for them to stop you from using your own lapel.

3) Closed guard lapel choke

This is a great attack from the bottom using the opponent’s lapel. The element of surprise makes this difficult to defend.

4) Draculino’s Samurai choke

I used this powerful choke to submit a 300lbs. Blue belt who resisted every other one of my attacks. Prof. Draculino teaches one of his setups

5) De la Riva Guard sweep

Prof. Flavor Almeida demonstrates how we can use the opponent’s lapel from open guard to catch the sweep.

What is your favorite jiu-jitsu technique utilizing the lapel?