Eating well is Jiu-Jitsu: Do you have a healthy relationship with your food?

No excesses, no neurosis and no exaggeration. With this trend of “healthy lifestyle” (which we particularly love), there are many people out there getting “crazy”. They do not go out, do not enjoy a Sunday lunch with their families or any other joyful moments… simply to avoid going off their diet for even one single day. That is to say, they do not live.

Do you remember the phrase “anything in excess is bad”?  It is also valid for food. Neither too much nor too little, but with balance. Believe it or not, escaping like two times a week from the diet can even help you to achieve better results.


How come?! 

When we eat properly and healthily for a long time, our body gets used to that kind of food, which causes our metabolism to “stabilize”. Thus, when you eat something different and go a bit off the diet, you give it a “shock”, making your body work harder to digest that different kind of food.

This sounds like good news, right? But with no overindulging. Just remember that if you eat correctly 80% of the time, that 20% of “free meals” will make no difference in your results.

Now that you have learned that, let’s find out if you are having a healthy relationship with your food:

1) Do you eat healthy food?

Opt for healthy foods and give preference to the organic ones! Always remember that the more natural the product, the fewer toxins it contains. Avoid processed foods, which are high in fats, sodium and food coloring.

Como-emagrecer-comendo-2-213x3002) Do you buy the food that you like?

Follow a healthy diet, but always let yourself be guided by your intuition. Food that attracts you will offer more pleasure to you at meal time, and consequently, it’s more likely that the healthy habits will persist.

3) Do you have your meals in quiet environments?

Eating is an action that cannot be “automatic”. You do need to realize what you’re eating and pay attention to the amount you’re eating. Avoid having meals while watching TV or at the PC. The focus at that moment must be the food!

4) Do you properly chew your food?

Chew and eat your meal slowly and correctly, to enjoy that moment and assist yourself with the satiety process. Your body takes some time to send the “satiety message” to your brain. If you eat too fast, you will always end up eating more than your body really needs.

5) Do you eat happily?

Make this moment a real relationship of happiness and pleasure. Choose healthy food not as an obligation, but as something for your quality of life. Do not get frustrated by this reality and simply have fun.

bola-300x2406) Do you take care of your body?

The food you eat has a direct impact on your image, but in addition to that, other factors may have influence on your body.

Even with a healthy diet, sometimes you cannot meet all your needs with food. Weak nails, dull hair and skin with a bad appearance can be directly related to a lack of vitamins and minerals. Supplementation with a multivitamin compound may be very beneficial to minimize these symptoms.

7) Do you seek perfection?

We cannot be perfect in all areas. Do not make prior judgments and do not demand too much of yourself. This can lead to frustration and even repulsion against this kind of healthy habit.

😎 Do you observe the signals your body gives?

Often our body gives us some signs that things are not going well, and we may not know how to interpret these messages. When you eat properly, you provide your body with all the tools it really needs to function better. Use supplements to complement your diet. That will bring you even greater benefits.

1263930156-300x2849) Do you have a love relationship with food?

Let your relationship with food be a moment of pleasure. Release yourself from all those judgments and just enjoy the food you are having.

10) Do you “allow yourself”?

Last but not least, there is a point that many forget. As we already stated, you are not perfect, so allow yourself some missteps. Stay focused, but do not exclude those moments in which food becomes something nice, like parties and other celebrations.

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