Eating Well is Jiu-Jitsu: Wake UP! 10 Benefits of coffee for our health

Coffee consumption has numerous health benefits and, when taken in moderate amounts, it can help to achieve a healthy mind, body and soul. WHAT? Healthy mind, body and soul? It seems we’re already talking the jiu-jitsu language… And speaking of jiu-jitsu, we already know that a cup of coffee just before training is great to give us that boost, right?


Thousands of studies carried out over the past few years around this, which is one of the most consumed beverages in the world, reached the same conclusion: coffee is beneficial for health if consumed moderately. Let’s take a look at the Ccoffee benefits?

4ff72e85b93795af77000003_5_33-1341603592Diabetes: In an investigation conducted by the prestigious Harvard Medical School, where more than 193,000 people were observed, it was concluded that those who regularly drank coffee had a lower risk of developing diabetes (type 2) than those who did not drink coffee at all. Even people who drink the decaffeinated version have a higher likelihood of developing diabetes than those who have regular coffee.

Cholesterol: A cup of coffee contains about 1 gram of soluble fiber, which means that its consumption helps to maintain low cholesterol levels.

Heart: Some studies even suggest that coffee may contribute to reducing the risk of heart disease. The “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” has a study that shows that healthy people aged 65 and older who drank four or more cups of coffee a day had 53% less chance of developing heart disease.

caf_Glucose: Coffee contains magnesium, which makes body cells more sensitive to insulin. The result? Increased insulin sensitivity means keeping energy and blood glucose levels healthy and balanced.

Antioxidant: Did you know that a cup of coffee has more antioxidants than a portion of blueberries? Antioxidants are responsible for a number of health benefits, including delaying the aging process and increasing life expectancy. In addition, the anti-inflammatory power of antioxidants is extremely effective, which is crucial in combating heart diseases and diabetes.

Metabolism: Besides being a natural diuretic, coffee can be an ally in the fight against overweight. In addition to being a low caloric beverage, coffee speeds up your metabolism, which helps to burn fat and unwanted calories.

cafe-de-villa-ricaDepression: The daily and moderate consumption of coffee may help to improve mood and even combat depression. In many cases, having a cup of coffee can also help to relieve headaches and increase levels of concentration and memory. Additionally, it has been linked to dementia combat, ie, coffee consumption reduces by about 65% the risk of developing this psychological illness.

Asthma: Several studies point to the fact that the moderate consumption of coffee is effective in controlling asthma – as a reference, most of existing drugs for asthma treatment contains high doses of caffeine.

Constipation: Coffee also has a decongestant action, which is extremely effective in combating constipations.

Sports performance: Caffeine present in coffee is a powerful ally when it comes to strength and athletic performance, whether you are a top-level athlete or a regular practitioner of some kind of physical activity. Besides, coffee can reduce muscle pains by about 48%, which are often experienced after a physical activity.

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