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Taking Care of your Mind is Jiu-Jitsu: When stress disrupts your training, what to do?

If the routine were only training, training and training, life would be easier for everyone. It’s a pity that reality is something different. Between training days, there are also concerns of private life, family, children, work… Because of that, we are all subject to the disease of the century: Stress.


There’s nothing like that little training after a tiring day of work. The truth is: If you could train every day, without anything else to worry about, life would be wonderful, wouldn’t it? Every day’s tension, when accumulated, becomes pure stress, bad mood, a not friendly face, impatience, etc. We can´t always handle these emotional factors. There is no specific cause. There are several factors that, at any given time, can make you feel angry. Regardless of your personal profile, stress affects people in different ways.

This illness of the century seems to create its own life within ourselves, when the day is not going well. That’s where jiu-jitsu can get into this problematic atmosphere. That sacred time of wearing the kimono, tying the belt and starting the training can be the outlet of your day. Sweating for those minutes is what makes you feel relieved.

relax-2“Humbleness is not to declare yourself as someone smaller. Humbleness is recognizing your strengths and weaknesses, and that will bring out your best.”

That wonderful feeling sometimes can make you exceed during the practice and unintentionally end up hurting a colleague. You get there overwhelmed and your mood – because of all the previous activities during the day – does not always allow you to keep full awareness of your actions. Sometimes, you can take thoughtless attitudes, use some bad language, or disrespect a colleague.

It is at such times that the mental balance is challenged. You do need to unload your tension during the training, but you also must know that everyone else around you also has their lives out there. We are writing today’s blog post with the intention of reminding you about how important it is to be careful when we are under stress.

If you ever happen to “lose control” during a workout, stop, reflect, get back to the person involved in the situation and put into practice one of the principles learned on the mats, the HUMBLENESS. Being humble is to recognize your mistakes and be aware that you have not acted in the best way when you should have. Humbleness always, guys. This is one of those things that the more you have, the better it is.

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