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New Gracie Barra No Gi Shorts for Kids!

For months many of our students have been asking for more Gracie Barra Wear for kids and now that time has arrived! We are proud to present the new BARRA NoGi boardshorts for kids. These high performance board shorts are perfect for BJJ NoGi training sessions, as well as outdoor activities!

 Click here for to order your pair today!


3 responses to “New Gracie Barra No Gi Shorts for Kids!”

  1. Steve says:

    I like the shorts. I like the contrast between the black, white, and red.

    Is there any way to get more of a description of them? What are they made of? Is it a velcro or drawstring closure? Appreciate your help.

  2. Larry Kingery says:

    When will the new kids shorts be available? Also why isn’t there more to choose from when searching for Gracie Barra kids wear? For example hoodies, shirts, etc. Other sites have photos of itmes BUT everything is temporarily out of stock. Any insight to the above would be greatly appreciated.

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