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GB NEWS: Master Worlds – Gracie Barra took home 1st place as a team.

Rigorous training, along with phenomenal instruction is key.


The IBJJF Master Worlds took place this past weekend and Gracie Barra took home 1st place as a team.  There were many red shields in view during the tournament and it was difficult to look in any direction without seeing at least one.   Many Gracie Barra competitors took home medals last weekend.  It’s a long road to a medal at Worlds.  Rigorous training, along with phenomenal instruction is key.

The week before the Master Worlds there was a training camp held at Gracie Barra headquarters in Irvine, CA for those competing in the Master Worlds.   The camp director for this event was no other than Professor Vinicius “Draculino” Magalhães; a multiple time Pan American Champion among other accomplishments.  Professor Draculino showed a variety of techniques and shared his philosophy with the attendees over the course of the week.   In addition, students had the opportunity to train with many other Gracie Barra Professors.

Competitors had a chance to learn and train with some of Gracie Barra’s best including Master Carlos Gracie Jr. himself.  During the end of Wednesday night training session, Master Carlos left some words of wisdom for the competitors.   He discussed teamwork, and the importance each individual plays to make Gracie Barra as great as it is.

People from all over the world competing at the IBJJF Master Worlds attended the camp.  To its success, Gracie Barra took home 1st place as a team during the Master Worlds!  Congrats to all those that competed.

Check some pictures below: 









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