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Knowing Your Jiu Jitsu Fighting Style

BJJ Fight Style

What Makes Your BJJ Style Unique?

Different fighting styles for different fighters. One discipline, but the diversity of the game differs on the fighters themselves. I am talking about different styles that fighters utilize as their own.

I enjoy hanging out with fighters. My natural curiosity has always led me to ask what their game is all about. What their favorite submission is.

A few years back, when I was relatively new to the gentle art, a tough question comes to mind: what is my fighting style? What do I prefer as a way for me to succeed in my jiu-jitsu? It took a couple of months of practice and countless hours of grinding in the mats to have it all figured out.

Being blessed with a stocky big frame, and relatively big and stumpy calves and thighs, I proceeded to work on a guard-based game. Unfortunately, my short legs keep me from utilizing the triangle. I am still trying until now.

I am a big fan of the guard. I have to love the guard. The guard makes me feel more dominant in the mats. Being able to control my opponent’s movement helps me win 3 out of 5 sparring matches. The guard helps me wear my opponent down during marathon-like matches. I have to learn how to submit opponents off my back, execute sweeps, and eventually mount. Win by points through sweeps, or by submission from the guard position. Either way, it works for me.

Knowing Your Style

No pressure, but determining your fighting style as early as now can boost your growth in the sport. Are you the type who immediately goes for the submission early in the match? Do you prefer collar chokes over the rear naked’s? Do you like leg locks? Or are you like me who is patient?

Practice Your Style

Gracie Barra BJJTo capitalize on one’s strength, you have to practice, and practice hard. There is just no other way to become good at using that omaplata but to practice.

UFC’s women’s champion. Ronda Rousey has practiced the armlock thousands of time. Her strength has helped her climb the upper echelon of the sport. Her armbar is close to perfect that it has always worked for her. It has worked 10 times in her career. 7 in pro, 3 in the amateurs.

Appreciate Your Uniqueness

I don’t mean to go all mush on the subject. Or bank on the cliché, but every Jiu-Jitsu fighter that I have met is a unique individual which makes them interesting. Appreciate your physique and use it to your advantage. A powerful upper body with a good base can help you win by points or keep your opponents from shrimping out of your mount.

This is just another reason why Brazilian jiu-jitsu definitely becomes for everyone. Every fighter is unique in their own right.

So what makes you unique?

6 responses to “Knowing Your Jiu Jitsu Fighting Style”

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  2. Clausen says:

    I agree with u , i haven’t found my style yet but I’m beginning to think of myself as a guard guy, I hope I find my style and it helps me grow out of my white belt.

  3. martyn says:

    I like the mount. A good high mount feels very dominant once you learn to ride him properly. I can often sit astride of him for quite a long time before finishing him. The trick is to keep your buttocks in close contact with him at all times and control him with your feet, legs and thighs.

  4. Fellipe FCS says:

    That’s a tough question to be answered, especially in my case: I have been practicing jiu-jitsu for almost two months and as it would be expected, I have got a lot of doubts/questions.

    I know absolutely nothing about the gentle art and every class means trying to figure its essence out.

    The question still remains: what would my fighting style be?

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