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Gracie Barra Wishes Everyone A Good Fight for the Chicago Summer Open



Gracie Barra Competes in the Midwest!

Every now and then the convergence of great minds, armed with the determination to win and the heart to boot, our Gracie Barra warriors will once again, try to claim the glory. And it’s there for everyone to take.

Browsing over the list of official competitors for the Chicago Summer Open International Open, the list already has gotten me excited. If it has, it will be a sure fire spectacle for those who live, breathes, sleeps, eats, and work with Jiu-Jitsu in mind. It’s the fusion of more than 500 years’ worth of black belt experience in the preparation alone.

From the Gracie Barra family, we wish all of the 60 competitors a great luck and a great fight!

Here’s a list of the Gracie Barra team competiting

Here’s a video produced by Gerrad Zec

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