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The Buzz behind the GB CompetitionTraining Camp

A few days ago, Professor Marcio Feitosa announced that Gracie Barra will have an organized training camp for the next Pan and also to other big BJJ tournaments.

The news broke swiftly through Gracie Barra chain, in a way several professors and students immediately started to give their opinions about the subject.

In these videos below, three professors from different regions talk about the subject. With you, Professor Eduardo de Lima (Gracie Barra Clearwater), Professor Bruno Fernandes (Gracie Barra Montreal) and Professor Rafael Ramos (Gracie Barra Encinitas). Enjoy!


2 responses to “The Buzz behind the GB CompetitionTraining Camp”

  1. Issac Miranda says:

    I think it is a great idea. It is great support on GB’s part. But I think we should also focus on the children not just adults. I know or at least want to think that I not the only parent that is very supportive of child’s training at the Gracie Barra school. So I think that there should be similiar specialized training for kid to get ready for Pan kids and other big tournaments. Some kids do go to tournaments with the objective or goal to win 1st. Kids are the future of our schools and teams in GB. Like the coarse name, future champions. I have a six year old and he goes to win gold only.

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