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GB Techniques: The Arm Bar

This week Gracie Barra Techniques brings you some videos on the straight armlock.
Want to get someone hooked on jiu-jitsu?
Teach them how to do an arm bar when they try a jiu-jitsu class!

There are many different variations on how to attack the straight armlock and here, Gracie Barra instructors show you how.

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1) S Mount to Arm Bar Submission
Instructor Tim Gillette of Gracie Barra Twin Cities shows some important details to control the oppoinent when attacking the armbar.

2) Arm Bar From Mount vs Bridge (aka Upa or Hip Bump) 
Prof. Rodrigo Sul of Gracie Barra Twin Cities shows an arm lock when opponent attempts to escape your mount with a strong push.

3) Armbar from attempted sweep
Gracie Barra Blacktown Prof. Chris Sales attacks an armbar when opponent attempts to stop the sweep.

4) Pulling guard & Attack by Otavio Sousa

5) Arm Lock by Prof. Marcelo Resende from Arm Lock Side Control

6) Waki Gatame Arm Lock by Prof. Marcelo Resende when opponent attempts to escape from side control Side Control

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