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Pulling Guard and Going for the Armbar

A Quick Way to Learn the Arm Bar

In this video, Prof. Otavio Sousa demonstrates a clever and quick way to set up a submission by immediately pulling guard and heading straight for an arm bar submission. In this video,  the key to a good arm bar is by controlling your opponent’s position through the guard and the lapel grip, positioning the fulcrum level and controlling the opponent.

The arm bar relies on leverage and pressure put on the back of the elbow of the opponent. The pressure is placed on the shoulders and the elbow through overstretching.  If you’ve seen Ronda Rousey finish her opponents, well that is the arm bar.

1. Grip the lapel and the elbow

2. Drop down to pull guard by stepping aside and securing leverage on the elbows.

3. Finish with the arm bar


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