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Prof. Rodrigo Freitas Showcases the Double Under Guard Pass

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Key Points in Executing this Guard Pass

Passing the guard. It can be as simple as, “calm down, breathe, pass the guard,” but without great techniques in our arsenal, the discipline can be null and even be void.

There are ways to pass the guard. Different variations work for different positions. Guard passes apply only if done correctly, and if applied at the right moment. In this video, Professor Rodrigo Freitas of Gracie Barra Manhattan Beach demonstrates the double under guard pass.

Here are the Key Points in Executing this Move:

1. Securing the person’s leg using both of your elbows and locking the arm.
2. Bring the hips on top of your lap.
3. The left hand grabbing the right collar.
4. The right hand secures the hip garment by grabbing on to it.
5. Stack him with your weight
6. Spinning to the left.
7. Reach the right leg with your left hand.
8. Stabilize with the sound mount.

See you on the mats!


Gracie Barra Manhattan Beach

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