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Clearance Sale on Gracie Barra MMA Gloves

These MMA gloves are the best gloves to comfortably represent your Gracie Barra team inside your school and the cage.The fingers are split at base for unimpeded dexterity and ventilation with thumb protection. Whether you are trying to peacefully submit your opponent or bring a brutal ground and pound be sure to protect your hands with these high quality gloves!

Get your pair today!

6 responses to “Clearance Sale on Gracie Barra MMA Gloves”

  1. k armstrong says:

    do you still sell the gb mma gloves? the store lists nothing i can see and this page with the form show the gloves but no other info or price. need 1 pair shipped to canada – thanks for your time!

  2. gb.reporter72 says:

    Thank you for the comment.

    We will get in touch with our GB Wear department. We will respond to you as soon as we receive feedback.

    Please leave you email in your post so we may contact you regarding your inquiry!

    Thank you. =)

  3. hi there,

    please send me more information on availability and price on the gracie barra mma gloves and shipping info to canada (ottawa, ontario). please email information to

  4. Michael says:

    Hi! Am also wanted to buy this GB MMA gloves. Can you please help me too? Thanks in advanced :)


  5. Alok kumar says:

    so nice designed Mma gloves Canada
    i liked the equipment

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