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No Bullying: Empowering Children Through Jiu-Jitsu

Gracie Barra Association is working on a multi school No Bullying Movement for June

Our Association has been really busy over the past weeks fine tuning the details of a multi-school movement to promote children empowerment through Jiu-Jitsu against bullying.

Some of our professors who specialize on teaching kids have come together to design a set of classes with bullying specific self defense drills.

The Gracie Barra No-Bullying movement will rely on hundreds of Gracie Barra Schools as a platform to reach to as many people as possible on the communities where they operate. The idea is that each instructor, each parent, each student will join the effort to promote a strong message against bullying on local schools via empowerement of kids through the mastering of basic self defense skills.

Schools will be offering community free anti bullying kids self defense classes for 4 consecutive Saturdays. Current students enrolled at the GB kids program will be encouraged to bring their buddies to take the class. After the 4 classes are completed all participants will get a certificate.

Some of the participants schools will also offer free antibullying stickes and a Barra Anti bullying Wrist Band to all people supporting this effort.

If you have not seen the school owners webinar, just email for more information

If you have any ideas on how to promote the Gracie Barra No-Bullying movement, please share your comments here.


GB Association Team

3 responses to “No Bullying: Empowering Children Through Jiu-Jitsu”

  1. Julian Santana says:

    As martial artist we have an obligation to our communities to assist in making it a better place to live and I commend my brothers and sisters at Gracie Barra. As a student at Gracie Barra Twin Cities I would recommend that we start taking the stop bullying movement directly to the area schools by doing Gracie Jiujitsu demonstrations that include stopping bully attack demonstrations. Are a Tae Kwon Do master and instructor at another school we have had great success by bringing our program to the comminity by doing demonstrations at community schools. I am hoping my Academy will take part in this movement. Osss.

    • gbadmin says:

      Hi Julian, thanks for the kind words. This is one of the legs of this project. our association is recommending each one of our schools to reach out to the community and specially seek demos at local schools. Please bring prof rodrigo in :)

      • Julian Santana says:

        Thank you forsuch a prompt response and yes I will speak to Professorchools. I will speak to Professor Rodrigo to discuss the the possinility of doing some BJJ demos in area schools. We have been successful in my Tae Kwon Do/Kickboxing class in demos. It would be an honor.

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