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Create a Successful Camp: Kids Summer Camp Documents Now Available

GB Kids Summer Camp

Running a Successful Kids Summer Camp at Your School

On Friday Prof. Felipe Guedes and Prof. Rodrigo Clark came together for a GB Webinar to discuss running a successful kids summer camp at your school. So why is  implementing a kids summer camp so important for your school?

Sometimes the summer can bring a reduction in the amount of students at your school because the extra activities that kids generally take part in over the summer. This summer camp is an opportunity to make up for some of these losses and gain more revenue for your school.

Prof. Rodrigo Clark has prepared a couple of Kids Summer Camp Documents to help you organize and setup your camp so that it is successful and profitable. These documents include printouts to hand out at your school, a manual just for the school owners and program directors that takes you step by step on how to put the program together, and a simple poster template to help you get the word out.

All of the documents are now available to help you get your camp started: Please click the links below and start getting the word out about your camp as soon as possible.

Click Here to Download All of the GB Summer Camp Documents 

You can watch the webinar here

We hope that this information and the resources are helpful in creating the best summer camp for your school yet!

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