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Implementing the No-Bullying Campaign at Your School

On Tuesday March 19th, Prof. Rodrigo Clark and Felipe Guedes met online with GB leaders from all over for a webinar, which discussed the importance of implementing the 2013 No-Bullying campaign at your GB school this April.

We would like to thank everyone for talking the time to participate in the meeting today and for taking an interest in helping kids, your school and the community around you.

The webinar discussed the issue of  bullying and how it is a very important topic for Gracie Barra to approach.  The No-Bullying campaign is an incredible program that was built toGB No Bullying benefit the community and kids.  The campaign suggests offering a free class for an hour and a half each Saturday morning in the month of April  in each GB location.  This is a great program for those who have participated in last year’s campaign and for those who have decided to participate for the first time this year.

Even though the  classes are free, the classes give a lot of credibility to your school in your community by making them available to the public.  It improves the reputation of your school in the community and it helps many schools grow. For example Prof. Rodrigo went from 25 to 80 students after the No-Bullying Program from last year.

Prof. Felipe explains that the goals this year for the campaign are to try and improve from last year, provide great info to kids on how to deal with bullying while giving back to the community and third to help your school to grow.  This is a win-win situation for everyone.

How to Implement the Campaign 

This year we are focusing on having everything for the campaign setup at the GB Library.  You can access information about the No-Bullying campaign by clicking on the GB No-Bullying tab.  There are also videos in the library talking about the GB No-Bullying project for every GB school to use to help attract people withing your community.

Take a look at the video below which helps explain how to implement the campaign in more detail.

The GB Library will also contain two manuals to help you with the campaign.  One for the instructor to implement the campaign at your school and the other for parents. There is a link to download the manuals on the GB Library site.  The idea is to have every Saturday morning in April to teach the No-Bullying class. You can tell your students to invite everyone that they know! The more the better!

GB no bullying certificateThere are also 2 press releases that you can add your school name on, to send out to the press, to get more exposure about the No-Bullying classes. There are flyers to print as well and stickers to order at the marketing store. The sooner you start advertising the better you will be! The GB Library also has technique videos that will help you teach the class, a certificate available for kids who show up to at least 3 classes, and an entire 1 ½ hour recorded class video from last year to view so you can get an idea on how to communicate to your students.

The second manual is for you to give to the parents.  It’s an 8 page PDF document about how to transform bullying into a positive experience. You can print this out and pass it around.  This manual is great for the parents to use to help train their child with the no- bullying system at home.

Go out there and use the material we have provided and talk to the media and you will begin to see the return from implementing this great program. Lets make this a successful campaign for your kids, your school, and for your community.

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