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Congratulations to the 2013 Worlds Participants


Great Job GB Family Representing the Red Shield

Hard work and determination will always pay off. The fruits of weeks in the competition camp; sweating and drilling it out with legends such as Master Carlos Gracie Jr., Professors Ze “Radiola”, Vinícius “Draculino”, Marcio Feitsosa and the likes paid off.

Photo Credit: Mike Calimbas Photography

As the 2013 Worlds came to a close, we are proud to acknowledge the winnings of our warriors over the weekend. The Gracie Barra family is proud of you, and we recognize the success of each of our participants. Win or lose, we are proud of you.

“Rest if you must, but never quit,” as the wisdom goes.

We would like to acknowledge the achievements of our 2013 Worlds Medalists Romulo Barral, Octavio Sousa, the Estima Brothers and many others.

To those who fought well into the event, we have Roberto Alencar, Orlando Sanchez, Samuel Braga, Rodrigo Freitas, Fabiana Borges, Tammy Griego and Luzia Fernandes.

For the complete results and photos of the Worlds, you may click on the links. You may also read more about the worlds from’s Luca Atalla.







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  2. […] Congratulations to the 2013 Worlds Participants […]

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