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Interested in Bringing More Women to Your School? Now It’s Her Time

Barra Fit Boot Camp

The Barra Fit Boot Camp – The Best Summer Program for Women

Our GB Schools exist to provide growth experiences for our students that touch every aspects of their lives and to improve the quality of lives in the communities in which we live. A business also exists to generate profit for the owners and the community. So, we always need to find ways to enhance these components in our schools.

Our GB schools currently have a significant number of adult male students and children. The adult female though is still a very small audience within our schools. When looking at this area, we shouldn’t see this as a failure, or have the thought ”Women don’t like to practice BJJ”. We should accept this as a growth opportunity for our schools and look to provide a different type of training for this target group that they can benefit from.

We have researched a lot about this issue and know that we have a great strategy to target the female audience. We have found that what most women seek in an activity is GB Womenweight loss, burning calories, physical conditioning and ways to improve the body’s curves.

Unfortunately, this is not usually included in our daily routine. So, what do we do about it? Are we to stop focusing on the women in our school? Stop promoting Jiu-Jitsu for Everyone? Stop making a difference in women’s lives.

GB Women's ProgramThe answer here is no… 1,000 times no. We will always have the mission to spread “Jiu-Jitsu for Everyone” and we will seek to accomplish this mission by the end of our lives. But, how do we do this? Step by step. Gradually we will be able to attract more women to participate in GB school classes. A good start for this is by creating a Boot Camp for Women in our GB Schools.

In general, women are always concerned with their body, always looking for different alternatives to lose weight. If we offer a different type of service and innovate we are halfway there. The GB Association team is working hard to create a program that is completely geared to attract more women to our GB Schools.

And what better time to do something aimed at women? Right before the summer! This is the time of year that women worry most about dieting, exercising, and getting in shape

Barra Fit ProgramHow do you do this? By implementing the Barra Fit Boot Camp at your school. The Barra Fit Boot Camp is a unique program where GB Schools have the opportunity to increase women’s interest in participating, generate more profit and further spread the word Jiu-Jitsu For Everyone.

Are you excited?! We are too!

Keep an eye out for the official release…coming soon!

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