We Want You There: GB Regional Conferences Atlanta and Seattle are Next

Yes! To keep the fire and the motivation burning for all of the members of the Gracie Barra Jiu-Jitsu, we are going to be in Atlanta Georgia on the 27th of July and in Seattle Washington on the 18th of Ausgust for a very exciting conference to discuss matters pertinent for our schools’ welfare.

These conferences are important for Gracie Barra. And we are sure that this will also be important for you. As school owners and community leaders, the knowledge that we will pass on to you from these conference is vital for your school’s growth. Meetings such as these are filled with useful information that you can use. You just simply have to be there

Atlanta, GA  and Seattle, WA will be the next cities where we are going to discuss the importance of school management, leadership and community outreach. As well as important updates about the newest strategies in training our students and ways to development them. We are going to share to you our strategies for this year as well as the direction Gracie Barra is taking to fulfill the vision of of building one GB School in each city of the world.

This is going to be a great discussion. You will be able to share your best practices and have these heard by everybody in the conference. This is a conference that celebrates our big achievements.

The body has to be in harmony with all of its parts for it to function well. Without harmony, it ceases to perform. This principle applied in practicing martial arts can be applied to our daily lives. We all should move together towards becoming the best there is. You are a part of our community. You are family.  As family, we want to share a moment with you as families with similar passions do.

to register for the Gracie Barra Conference of Atlanta, GA click here

To register for the Gracie Barra Conference of Seattle, WA click here

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