Flavio Almeida gives some insight into the 2012 Orange County Conference

After a huge success at the 2012 Houston Regional Conference the Gracie Barra Association looks to continue in it’s efforts to promote Master Carlos Gracie Jr.’s vision and increase the quality of Gracie Barra schools by bringing more conferences across the world with the next two stops being in Florida and California.

With Orange County being to the area of the world with the largest number of Gracie Barra school’s and the conference succeeding the 2012 Jiu Jitsu World Championships this event looks to be one of Gracie Barra’s biggest events of the year.

Flavio Almeida, CEO of the Gracie Barra Association, gives some insight into the 2012 Orange County Conference and how it will help promote the quality of Jiu Jitsu for Everyone worldwide.

Orange County is the area with the highest number of Gracie Barra schools? How many people will there be at this event?
We are preparing the event for 100 people. Many Gracie Barra Leaders from all over the world will be in town for a major tournament and we expect to bring most of them to the GB Conference.

Any idea where the event is going to be held?
Yes. We have confirmed a conference room at  a Hyatt Regency  in Irvine, California. 17900 Jamboree Road, Irvine, CA

The conference is right after a major tournament. Do you believe this will lead to having Gracie Barra instructors from all over the world attending this conference?
Yes. We want to make it easier for them. Master Carlos Gracie Jr. will be there and this is a time of the year all of them expect to see him, get promoted and hear from him. Having the two events on the same week will make it easier and more affordable for them

You own two schools in California, how important is it to you that your employee’s be there?
It is major. This will be a key opportunity for me to show our team members how amazing our organization is. They will be more connected with the vision and mission laid down to us by master carlos and this will be very inspiring.

What do you think will be some of the benefits that will come from this conference for both the student and the staff?
This conference is designed for staff members, school owners and instructors. They will gain a deeper understanding of the overall vision Master Carlos Gracie Jr. has for Gracie Barra and each one of us. Also, we will have amazing presentations that will offer tremendous helo on important disciplines for the successful operation of a GB school like marketing, sales, and instruction for advanced students and kids.

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