Taking care of your mind is Jiu-Jitsu: The professor and his/her friend role.

With a day-by-day relationship, some people end up having a different meaning in our lives. As incredible as it may seem, some students who just started their Jiu-Jitsu classes will describe their professor as a special person in their lives.


It is not only about how good it is to take classes with that person who became your reference. It’s also about the fellowship that will rule the gentle art mats. And then, even the purpose that leads the student to the school will be changed by that. Of course, the main thing continues to be the training itself, but sometimes, there is a psychologic reason that takes that individual to the classes.

COMPANHEIRISMOA simple chat with the professor, not related to techniques or fight, can change lot of things. There will be some moments when you feel you should give up everything, and you even do not know the real reason to feel that way. When you are discredited with yourself and upset, the trainings do not seem to work that well to you. Something is happening. The truth is that most of our thoughts are comprised by the encounter of our stimulus, which provide us with the necessary energy to go ahead. And that’s when the professor and his/her value beyond the gentle art will appear. All the experience gained through the life and the Jiu-Jitsu challenges makes the teacher a kind of ‘psychologist’.

Some will even joke: “I gotta stand you not only wearing a kimono but also without it now”. But that quick review and thoughts pre-training can positively influence the student inside and outside the mat. Athlete, instructors or amateurs – regardless their position inside the dojo, they are all common people who have to face personal problems like anyone else.

But how will you know that something is wrong with your student? The first signals will appear through the behavior. The easy-going guy seems now sad, or that quiet student is excessively excited. Even during a combat training you can notice those changes – in situations that the student would resist until the end, subtly he is now giving up too fast.

samukaAnd it is when the teacher ‘friend’s shoulder’ must act. A nice talk, an advice, and many times even a hug. The results will be noticed within some days. That smile will come back and replace the sad face.

One thing is for sure: Being a teacher is far beyond being that person who is there only to teach. A professor must know his/her students and figure out when something is wrong with them. The professor must know how to talk and to be a real friend.