Taking Care of your Mind is Jiu-Jitsu: What are the biggest incentives for a warrior?

There is no secret; the path to the victory consists of lots of training, focus and dedication. This all would not exist without motivation, and this is the driving force of an athlete. Although it’s a door that “opens from the inside out”, the external stimuli are critical to keep the warrior’s spirit alive. But what are those incentives? Where do they originate from?


Those who fight, know that there’s nothing better than feeling the heart beating stronger during a training session. The body seems stronger and although tired, you can go on and complete your goal. We breathe and live the gentle art. Thus, we from GB Brazil listed three types of incentives that make a difference for our warriors.

1- Listen to the instructor’s voice: There may be the whole world screaming in the stands, but that voice coming from your corner, low or loud, will stand out, echoing through your ears. Knowing that the guy who accompanied you your whole life is there, just next to you, will motivate you even more to achieve a positive result.

Ana Laura, after some years out of the mats returned and became the 2014 world champion.2- Having people cheering for you: When the gym guys get together and scream your name, jump up in their chairs, hit the walls… That typical euphoria scene in championships. Sometimes it may seem that they extrapolate a bit, but let’s speak the truth – it is way good to have these guys on your side, isn’t it?

3- Family Support: Parents serve as true superheroes in each of our lives. Some energetic reprimands, demands, but there’s nothing that makes you happier than seeing them excited for your victory.

Either one of these incentives or all of them, having an extra hand coming from outside the mat is very good, right? OSS!