Taking Care of your Mind is Jiu-Jitsu: Initiative and Leadership – Be your own leader

There are always people who excel in their skills everywhere you look. They are born leaders and in time they grow into their role of being one.

The leaders of a company all share a common goal – to reach the highest level of their professional environment. But what about those who are not there yet? Does that mean they will never achieve the highest level?

Jiu-Jitsu GracieThere are two types of people–the conformists and the doers. The conformists always make due with the current situation, sticking it out time and again completely satisfied with the fact that they’re not going anywhere in life. A doer is a guy who is constantly seeking the best and of working towards it.

In some cases there are people who were born with “the leadership gene”, but in reality this is not true. The first fundamental step to achieving anything in life on and off the mat is initiative. When you decide to go a little further with the aim of adding to the staff of the company where you work, you make a conscious decision of moving forward. Even if it seems small, this sets off in motion a complex mechanism of self-growth and development.

iniOnce you’ve established yourself as a leader, new responsibilities arise and with them so do new challenges. Being a leader is about individual actions, but team efforts. This forms the synergy required for the collective growth. This evolution of the thought will reveal new horizons.

Believe in yourself and advance! Define your objectives and set targets as obstacles tend to be overcome in pursuit of your dreams.