Taking Care of your Mind is Jiu-Jitsu: Concentration. May it mean everything in a competition?

How frequently do we feel weak in front of a new challenge? Often, even after years of training, we can even feel discouraged if we do not achieve that so-desired title in a competition.

It seems that all that hard training and preparation wasn’t worth it. And then, how do we react, how can we turn the page and learn that from the defeat we may write a brand new story?

It is not easy. How many times have you looked at your idol on the mats and thought: “Wow, how does this guy make it to be so awesome?” There is no warrior who has never lost a fight in life. Inside or outside the competitive sphere, the pain of a loss is the same.

Focus only on yourself and do everything possible to be a step farther ahead today than you were yesterday” –Grandmaster Carlos Gracie

focus-and-concentrationEveryone is subject to going through situations like that. There’s no other way, dear reader. If you have not experienced it yet, you probably will once. Do not be scared, do not worry. The teachings learned within the gentle art can be taken for life. Precisely, this was the intention of the father of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Great Master Carlos Gracie: create fighters and men of character.

Carlos Gracie, 7th degree red belt, had already experienced what many of his students were still to discover. He knew, mainly, that making a student keep the focus and move forward was – and still is – a task that demands not only from the body, but also takes a lot of concentration.

All the sweat poured and the exhausted body in the days of preparation will be meaningless if you do not keep the focus on your goal. Wisely, Carlos Gracie said, among his 12 lessons: “Focus only on yourself and do everything possible to be a step farther ahead today than you were yesterday.”

There is no victory without a fight. No focus without a goal. Follow the advice of the Master, because, no matter how difficult things may seem, you are there to win.