Tips to Prepare for the BJJ Big Leagues

 otavio sousa

So Are You Ready for the Big Leagues?

So let’s say that you have done your fair share of amateur Jiu-Jitsu tournaments, and you’ve choked a few guys, submitted larger dudes in the absolute division, and more so, have been making a name for yourself in the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. And here you are, itching for that first time to be in the big leagues; imagine the light, the photographers, the mats. Welcome to be big league, grasshopper.

Here are some things that you will need to know before getting there.

Know the Rules

Getting choked out is part of the game. The same goes for being DQ’d. It stands for disqualification. Like any other sports, disqualifications will happen. International Jiu-Jitsu Open championships have staple rules about DQ;s. Illegal holds and techniques can be grounds for DQ. For more information, you may read up the You may also want to read up on verbal and gestures by the refs.

Register Early

Talk to your coach about registration. Registering weeks before the event ensures that you get the spot in the match. Most even offer discounts for those who sign up early. Take advantage and save some bucks. You may need a new gi after the match.bjj

Prepare and Prepare Well

Nothing can be better than going onto war fully armed, and dangerous. Preparations take time and it will require your unbridled focus.  It is said that training is around 10 times as hard as the competition and it sure is. Preparing for a fight will not be fun. As you rank up closer to the elite fighters, the preparation becomes tougher and tougher. But all for the glory of Jiu-Jitsu and the love for the sport, anyway.

Get Plenty of Rest Before the Big Day

As the excitemenet builds up, so does the anxiety. And a lot lose sleep the day before the big day. Adapting to the excitement can be a challenge for first timers. The answer? Go out and chill. Relax at your favorite restraunt or hang out with your buddies. It is important that give your mind a break from all the prep that you have been doing.

Get as Much as Support as Possible

Yes. It’s like the home crowd cheering for you. In the eyes of your loved ones who came in to watch, you’re already the champ!

Don’t Burn Yourself Out Early in the Match

Yes. You will have multiple matches in one day. Staying rested in between matches is the best way to go.

Prepare for a Long Day

When I mean long, I really mean a long day ahead. In my experience, we started the tourney at 8am, and I had my match at 4pm. Imagine the wait time. Taking naps are good, but usually I bring something else to do to get my mind off the tournament.

So there you have it! Tips that will help you prepare for and during the big leagues. Always remember, there is no such thing as losing, only learning







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