3 Ways Your Smart Phone Can Help Your Jiu-jitsu

These days almost everyone has a smart phone. How can you use your cel phone to improve your bjj training?

I think of the ways that I use my own cel phone for jiu-jitsu purposes and came up with 3 specific ways that I use my phone for bjj.

1) Instructional apps
I was a slow adopter of celphone apps but quickly realized the value of it when I tried it. When it comes to instructionals, the DVD has become an obsolete technology, replaced by easily downloaded and accessible smart phone apps.

I see fellow training partners download an app (usually very reasonably priced) and go to a corner of the mat and drill techniques with a training partner.

The app is right there for them to review the techniques and is easy to study when you are waiting for an appointment or stuck in traffic.

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2) Make an appointment with your best training partners
Many times I have considered staying on the couch and watching a movie and skipping a training session when my phone buzzes and one of my best training partners messages “Hey dude, are you going to train today?”

I put down the bag of Doritos and put my kimono in my gear bag.
Keeping contact with your favorite training partners holds you accountable and provides that extra bit of motivation that can prove to be the difference between staying home and getting to the academy.

I like to prearrange training partners who I prefer to drill with before class.
When you show up, you are assured to have a great, productive session with a solid training partner.

3) Video your techniques
How many times have you struggled to remember a technique that you learned in class and later, failed to recall important details?
The move seemed like a game changer in class, but now the specifics elude you and you shrug your shoulders in frustration.

I have a solution that is:
– effective
– easy to do

Right at the end of class, grab your smart phone and get a classmate to record a video of your repeating the technique with one of your training partners. Talk yourself through the technique identifying the details that your instructor showed in class.

It only takes 2 minutes! Now you have captured that technique for your personal library while the technique was still fresh in your own mind. Now you have that technique forever.

Also, the very act of filming and teaching the technique will make you remember it more effectively. If you do this regularly, you will soon accumulate a nice little reference library of your favorite jiu-jitsu techniques readily accessible on your phone.

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Credits: Mark Mullen 
Gracie Barra Black belt based in Saigon, Vietnam
Twitter: @MarkMullenBJJ